eFiling a New case

To eFile initial documents for case initiation.

First, log in to your account or create an account.
(After you've read through this guide)

Click on Place Order, and select eFiling from the drop down menu.

1 place order.png
2 select county & case initiation.png

Next, select the County and then Case Initiation. If you want to Serve after filing, click Yes.

Now, enter the Case title, Category, Type, and Jurisdiction.


Note: if what you're trying to eFile isn't listed, it means that eFiling of this document/case type is not currently supported by this County, and needs to be physically filed.


Also, if the Jurisdiction isn't listed, check the correct County has been selected on the previous tab.

3 title category type jurisdiction.png
4 add party.png

Add all parties listed on your documents.


If they are the Lead Client, and you've assigned them a Billing Code, enter here also (for your own reference).

Also add any Attorney's that will be Filing for this case.


If you're Filing in Pro Per/Pro See, you can skip this step.

5 add attorney.png
6 upload docs.png

Next, upload documents one at a time by searching for the document name & selecting from the drop down list.


It's important to note: unless the client has a Fee Waiver or are Exempt, if there is a Document with a fee next to it, you MUST select that document, otherwise the Filing will be rejected.


(If uploading a fee waiver as part of the same order, then you can select documents without a fee)

Once you've uploaded all documents, tick the Lead document.


Under the list of documents, select the Attorney filing them, at Filed By.


Finally, tick the box next to the Lead Client.

8 fees.png

Check to make sure any fees payable have been loaded.


Most importantly: unless a Fee Waiver is in place or they are Exempt, you MUST tick Authorize Swift Attorney Service to pay court fees, otherwise the Filing will be rejected.

Finally, tick the box next to any names you want to be notified with Status updates for the filing.


Then press Submit & you're done!


Note: the Attorney listed earlier doesn't appear unless they have a user account.

9 submit.png
7 upload docs pt 2.png

Still having issues? Give us a call and we'll happily troubleshoot with you!